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Remove Obstacles for a Well-Defined Partner Experience

Partner programs are notorious for adding stuff to enhance the partner experience, and with that “stuff” comes the weight of complexity. While enhancing your program is essential, minimizing touch points in favor of a well-defined partner experience will keep your partners from running the other way. 

How so, you ask?

1. Identify partner touch points. For starters, look across your various channel program elements. From the partner portal to co-op administration to partner councils to training classes (and beyond), personnel across your company interact with partners daily. And that’s, of course, on top of day-to-day sales and operations interaction. How many touch points are there? While there is no optimal number, each touch point should contribute to a productive use of a partner’s time (and yours).

2. Pinpoint and minimize the obstacles. Once you’ve identified touch points and who is responsible for each one, ensure that all are aligned with the positive “user experience” you want to create for your partners. Many program elements are managed outside the partner organization (technical support, for instance) and not everyone gets it when it comes to partners. Where there’s a disconnect, you may need to do some training and/or aligning of objectives across company silos.

3. Choreograph partner touch points. When it comes to helping partners get the job done, a clear and visible path is preferred. So, once you’ve identified the touch points, and moved aside as many of the obstacles as possible, fine-tune and “light up” the paths for your partners. By documenting each step between point A and point B, you’re sure to find ways to improve the partner experience.

Do you need to minimize the obstacles within your partner programs?

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