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How to Create that Well-Oiled Partner Engagement Machine

Recently I was enticed by a friend to join a local Toastmaster’s chapter. For the uninitiated, Toastmasters is an organization devoted to educating and supporting members in their pursuit of public speaking and leadership capabilities.  And, while the organization fulfills that purpose superbly, the thing that impresses me most is the methodical way it shepherds its members through a process and runs its meetings.

Yes, a well-oiled machine.  There is a defined process, there are tools, and there are people to support me throughout.  In essence, it’s the perfect set-up to ensure I’m engaged and receiving value every step of the way.  And, yes, not unlike what you want for your partners when they sign-on with you. 

So, here are some surefire themes and questions to check whether your partner engagement machine is operating optimally:

  • Remove the mystery. Is your partner engagement process transparent and published?  Do partners know what they need to do to become operationally and technically ready to sell and market your products/services? Is there a visual representation of each step?  Your process likely looks different than this one, but here’s an example:
  • Partner Engagement Acceleration Roadmap

  • Easy-Breezy.  Are the tools you have aligned with your process, and are they readily available for each step along the way?  This means not loading all the tools in your partner portal willy-nilly, but available on-demand according to where your partners are in the process.  Throwing sales tools at your partners makes no sense if your partner is not operationally or technically ready to sell, so why burden them with too much information.

  • At the Ready. Do partners know whom to contact for what?  In turn, does your Channel Sales team know which company resources plug in when?  While there are no hard and fast rules, Channel Operations tends to be more involved at the front end of the engagement process, while Channel Marketing tends to jump in after a partner is technically enabled.  Does Product Marketing understand that, typically, demo and evaluation equipment is its responsibility? Your channel resources should be aligned with the engagement process to ensure partners get to their first sale as quickly as possible.

  • How well-oiled is your partner engagement machine for making a significant difference in time to and cost of that first customer sale, partner satisfaction and enthusiasm?


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