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Three Ways To Make Your Partnering Recruitment Effortless

Have you given thought lately to why partners choose to work with you, or not? Are they being pushed a hard sale or invited to investigate a solution that introduces new ways to address typical customer problems? 

Let’s hope it’s the latter, and if not, here are three questions to determine if your recruitment approach inspires your partners to work with you:

• ARE YOU SELLING OR PROBLEM-SOLVING?  When you go to a meeting with a prospective partner, are you “pitching” them your stuff with a PowerPoint? Or, do you demonstrate that you understand their business challenges first?  Perhaps, that first meeting is better spent with a white board and marker to map out what you’ve heard, along with ample time for you to consider appropriate follow-up, which may or may not result in pitching your stuff.  Sometimes a referral to another company or resource is a better next step.

• ARE YOU HELPING YOUR PARTNERS ENVISION NEW WAYS TO GROW?  Sometimes, all you need to do is ask the right questions to spark a clever solution, or “ah-ha” moment. Rolling up your sleeves without all the answers demonstrates a willingness to get your hands dirty with your partners.  You may bring more value to your partners as a curious outsider vested in their growth, than one bent on making your numbers (although, of course, we want that too).

• ARE YOU WILLING TO ACCEPT THAT THIS PARTNER MAY NOT BE A GOOD FIT TODAY?  It’s not easy to walk away from an opportunity on which you’ve worked for months on end.  It’s even harder to leave a partnership that took years to develop. For one reason or another, however, timing is off, or the fit between your respective businesses is not clear. Better to spend your time seeking a productive relationship, than one less willing to receive. This doesn’t mean to take them off your list, by the way.  Staying in touch can be a favorable strategy in the long-run, especially if you continue to add value along the way.

The recruitment process can be simple when both parties concentrate on the fit between problem and solution.  Wouldn’t it be nice if your partnering recruitment initiatives felt effortless?

December 10, 2013  ·  

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