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Five Organization Credibility Boosters

There should be no doubt about the importance and value of credibility to an organization.  So, in the event that credibility is important to your channels team, we offer five important ways to boost your organization’s capital.

Here’s what it takes to be a highly respected and valued channels organization inside and out. 

1. Get off the Island.
How much time is your team spending talking to each other and internal constituents, vs. time spent with your partners?
  * Certainly a key role for a channels organization is working with internal teams to understand your company’s business requirements.  Of equal importance is the need to understand the business requirements of your partners.
  * The most valued channels organizations deploy resources and spend meaningful time with partners.  While there is no tried and true answer to how much time is ideal, shooting for a 50/50 balance is a healthy starting point.

2. Lead with a Smile.
How much time does your team spend reacting to requests from Sales, vs. helping Sales get ahead of the game with new ideas and strategic thinking?
  * While you should be service-minded, a strong channels organization does not operate as a service organization (no “Service with a Smile,” as it were).
  * Having and asserting a point of view about how to grow business through partners allows your organization to position itself as trusted advisors and leaders.

3. Plan the Work, and Work the Plan (Repeat)
How much time are you looking forward and planning ahead?
  * Few people enjoy planning.  Fewer yet enjoy being bound by a planning methodology.  Both, however, are critical to ensuring a successful launch of a new product or reaching new customers.
  * Minimally, partners need a six-month planning horizon to digest your plans and ensure their teams and operations are aligned.

4. Bring the Outside In.
To what degree do you leverage outside resources, vs. believing your own stuff?  To what degree do you hire outside talent to ensure your team continues to evolve and broaden perspective?
  * There is nothing like, “News from the front,” to support and bolster a point of view.  Of course, partner input is always valuable, but don’t discount the value of your service provider portfolio (shameless plug: like us!).
  * Bringing best practices from other companies and outside-in thinking keeps you from becoming set in your ways.

5. Know Your Worth.
What metrics and reporting mechanisms do you have in place to demonstrate value?
  * Channels organizations tend to have a healthy portion of the marketing budget because so much of it is distributed to partners.  Be prepared to be called on the carpet by finance who wants to understand how all that MDF is helping your company’s bottom line.

Ultimately, credibility capital is a difference maker. A channels team with high credibility capital tends to be trusted with more budget and resources than one with low credibility capital. 

What steps are you going to take to fortify your channel team’s credibility capital?

August 27, 2012  ·  

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